Places to go to in Saudi Arabia

Today we are fortunate that people can visit practically every nation in the world, luck that we did not have some period ago because many countries remained closed to the general public. One particular countries may be the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia or KSA, probably the greatest country to visit if you want to know the Arab culture, because furthermore to hosting the two most important towns of Islam, in Saudi Arabia there are a great number of great places that it’s worth visiting. That is why today we bring you a summary of places to visit in Saudi Arabia.

Visit Riyadh

Chances are, in the event that you go to Saudi Arabia, the first place you land is within Jeddah or Riyadh, especially the latter, which may be the capital. And if you already arrive at this place, why not check out it? In Riyadh you can find probably one of the most wondering capitals in the whole of the East, which, definately not all the luxurious of towns like Dubai, continues to be very traditional.
An excellent recommendation to accomplish in Riyadh is to visit the surroundings, because places just like the red sand dunes or The edge of the world will steal your breath for its vastness and beauty. But, once you have seen Riyadh, it is better to visit various other cities.


This is a recommended place for all those who want to get out of the routine and visit places that aren’t very touristy or that aren’t directly visited by tourists. Jizan is usually a province of Yemeni tradition, a little different from the original Arab culture that is so much breathed in most of Saudi Arabia. But, the main attraction of the city, isn’t the town itself, however the villages that remain it, non-urban locations in the mountains where planting is normally traditionally practiced.


It is curious that, despite being such an important put in place Saudi Arabia, it is not one of the better known. But in this place, which is usually desert-like as in most metropolitan areas in Saudi Arabia, we find remains of civilizations that are as old as time itself. An example of this is the city of Hegra, a city made completely of stone like the town of Petra, significantly less touristy and where you’ll be able to better enjoy the amazing monuments.
Furthermore, listed below are a lot more than 100 tombs completely sculpted in rock. Alternatively, the Al-Ula desert can be a place value visiting. And finally, end your visit to Ul-Ula by taking a stroll through the abandoned community of Al-Deera, a community deserted more than 100 years ago.

Go to Saudi Arabia

The world rejoices in knowing that today, you’ll be able to access a visa to go to Saudi Arabia. And the best thing is that it’s an Evisa or Electronic Visa (, that allows people of some countries to finally go to this amazing treasure concealed in the Arabian peninsula.
We hope that, in view from the wonders that are here as well as the ease of applying for a visa, you will be encouraged to come to this amazing place!